Performance driven digital marketing services & consulting for online only companies.

Why I started this blog you may ask?

There are several reasons. First - I love internet businesses and affiliate marketing and it is such a nice feeling when you log into a dashboard of a partner company and see new commissions showing up.

Naturally I love talking about this stuff as well and combined with the fact that providing training and knowledge in this area is also a viable and very lucrative business made me create this website. 
Love, Peace & Prosperity


PS: Naturally as I have my background in the consulting space, people keep asking me if I still do any work. Most of the time the answer is NO. The only consulting I currently offer is in regards to Search Marketing. If you have the budgets and are interested to notch up a level you can find more information here.

Interesting stuff (if I feel like writing). Fingers crossed.

The newest stuff we got

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This is me in January 2021 in Dubai. Apparently every fitness influencer or make money online guy spent some time there as well but the gyms there were open and reason enough for me to fly 5hours to spend some time in the sunny United Arab Emirates. While I was there I made back the entire cost of the stay in Dubai without me actively working for it - so yes passive income is possible!